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Uhm, hi. You've reached kroongho /(Krissy, who is also formerly system_chaos )'s new home. Drop a line in this post before adding her up, because people who don't comment freak her out. :] PLEASE DO NOT ADD HER IF YOU PLAN TO SIMPLY LURK FOR ETERNITY. Also, if you find that you do not like her and would like to de-friend her, please do not hesitate to or think that she'd be offended, as she would be more uncomfortable having and keeping people in her list who do not like her at all. Thank you very much! :3
To learn more about Krissy, visit her profile page.

ETA: Changed my layout now. :D Is the font big enough? Is it readable? :D

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I know there are people here who can't decide what they should order, so as promised, I took pictures of my wall calendars side by side and the diary as soon as I got them (which was today). I apologize for the quality (sorry I've no scanner!!) I used natural light and we haven't seen the sun here all day. Also the site kept on rotating my pictures and then downgrading the quality when I'd rotate them again.

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23 August 2012 @ 02:53 am
i've read too many krislay fics just these past few days...
is there something wrong with fandom right now? last time i checked a good 75% of fandom ignores my beautiful otp for taoris and krisyeol (i pulled the number out of my ass ofc).
i'm getting a bit paranoid.

but then again meeeeh not really more krislay to read for me. n_n

5 days to go.
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13 August 2012 @ 04:53 pm
- i'm not dead (obviously?)
- i passed the screening and i got the scholarship (in case we aren't twitter/fb friends)
- i'm leaving for korea in two weeks 8( i'm staying there for three years. 8((
- my first year will be spent in suwon, learning korean at sungkyungkwan uni, the next two will be at seoul, for my postgrad degree at yonsei gsis
- status of my packing is probs at around 5% HA!
- i need a new layout. my welcome post image has a dead link
- i need to write a new profile stat. my profile still states that i'm 18 JFC I'M TURNING 22 IN A FEW MONTHS
- yixing is the most perfect creature on earth
- jaehyo is still my angel (along with yixing)
- the two items above are not really relevant but i just had to tell you because of reasons
- i'm thinking of making all my previous embarrassing entries private and pretend to start anew. i would delete everything or move to a new journal but naaaah i've too many memories to do that.

...that's it i'll update tomorrow because i really shouldn't be here. 8(

sehun has a thing for kyungsoo's neck i really... idk how to feel about this exo is my armada.

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23 April 2012 @ 08:24 am

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guys there is fic with my ot3 in it i literally put my pillow against my face and silent-screamed for 5 seconds I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!!!!
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22 April 2012 @ 09:35 am
someone would take all of my exo feels and run with it.
because i cannot handle all of them alone. i am serious.

i am so close to signing up for krn fansites and just... THAT IS STRESSFUL D: dnw to do that anymore sobs. but there is a burning need ;u; burning.

this is an autoplaying video of an angel with a blinding smile and a pure heart

i'm sobbing.
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10 April 2012 @ 09:58 am
i have discovered the beauty that is kris and lay. kray.
i will go down with this ship idec if it doesn't exist (but it does tho thankfully)
as if no one saw this coming lol. this is so fucking obvious of me; i do this to every group i like lbr.

i have so much love for exo m rn. 8(
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10 April 2012 @ 12:02 am
if I had to make up an OT3 name with my top 2 exo biases and myself...

it'd be krissing.
it's perfect tbh. kris, issing, and krissy. lmao.

kroongho's still the best one tho.

okay i should sleep. :3 interview tomorrow (bec it's now April 10 haha)! for some reason i'm not so nervous anymore lol i'm just like yeah i already did what i could so that's that. :))
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09 April 2012 @ 11:24 pm
It was as if I was reborn, as a child who knows nothing
Thinking for a moment that it might just be a dream, I closed my eyes and opened them once more
And I found myself standing like I've been praying, before such an eager you
Just once I want to be by your side, matching your stride
Once, just once

* I rode the gentle winds into your world
You innocently asked me where I came from
And I told you that it's a secret
If we could remain this way for always, walking together
Anywhere would be heaven

To me your existence is more brilliant than Michael'sCollapse )

Yes, yes I own the tumblr account where this was posted. I apparently need one to properly stan EXO /sigh
I don't plan to be active in the fandom anyway so don't mind that account lol. I just had to translate this song, I really love it. :c