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11 October 1990
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St. Paul College of Pasig - Pasig City Metro Manila PH (1997 - 2008)
De La Salle University - Manila Metro Manila PH (2008 - 2011)

“ Krissy Rosario „
18 years of age. Filipina. DLSU student. International Studies student majoring in Japanese Studies. Loves to travel. Dislikes taking pictures of self. Is frankly more interested in Korean than Japanese language and culture, but just generally enjoys anything East Asian. Open-minded. Fairly argumentative. Tries hard to be objective, even if the goal will never be perfectly reached. Hates nothing and no one. Sap. Crybaby. Loves angst. Anti-social.


東方神起|SHINee|Super Junior - M|少女時代|After School
Junjou Romantica|Sensitive Pornograph|Loveless
늑대의유혹|내 여자친구를 소개합니다|The Classic
꽃보다男자|流星花園|花より男子|궁|Coffee Prince
Harry Potter|Inheritance Cycle


Can't decide if you should add me or not? Let me help you with that. I am generally easy to please, but I do have my own dislikes and quirks as well. Here is a list of things that would make you consider NOT to add me.

;I am a really, really, really big Jaejoong and Yunjae fan. If either or both irk you, and you cannot see past that, I suggest that you don't add me. That's almost all I ever talk about.
;I dislike anti's in general, especially SNSD anti's. If you are an anti of ANY person or group (even if you are anti Sohee, idc), please do NOT add me. I do no want to see mindless bashing of people who have most likely never done anything personal to any of you.
;I love SNSD and After School. If you cannot get over SNSD's mistakes (most of which were blown horribly out of proportion), Hyoyeon's definite and Jungah's probable nose job, and Gahee's past relationship with Yoochun, do not add me.
;I dislike fanwars. The never-ending debate on TVfXQ vs. Big Bang and WG vs. SNSD annoys me to hell and back. I do like TVfXQ and SNSD better, but that doesn't mean that they ARE in fact better than their so-called 'rivals'. It's a matter of my PERSONAL taste and opinion.
;I do like to give criticism, even for Jaejoong (or any member of TVfXQ). I don't think of him as a perfect idol, role model, human being (he is far from that, as is most people)... but I love him all the same. Being able to give critique doesn't mean I do not like him, or am not loyal to him. If you are the type of person who cannot handle that, again, don't add me.
;I don't like it when readers try to rag on authors of stories they read for not updating. That is the author's prerogative and to try to control someone over the matter of their OWN story is very rude and insulting. It's a big DNFW and I would suggest for you to simply GTFO.

Did these points help? I hope they did. 8D Now, go hit that 'exit' button right now!

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